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Candente Gold Corp is exploring the El Oro gold district in Mexico. The district contains 20 veins with past production and more than 50 veins in total, with 6.4 million ounces of gold and 74 million ounces of silver produced from just two of these veins.

The reported mine grades of the San Rafael vein, one of the district's richest producers, averaged over 10-12 g/t gold and 120-160 g/t silver over average widths of 3-10 metres. High grade bonanza shoots in San Rafael graded up to 50 g/t gold and 500 g/t silver, and in some places the vein is over 70m wide.

Modern understanding of epithermal vein systems coupled with evidence collected to date strongly indicates that many of the El Oro district's veins hold significant discovery potential, particularly below the historic workings of San Rafael, which was only mined to an average depth of only 200 metres before being shut down in the 1920s due to flooding and the low price of gold.

The vast majority of subsequent exploration & development in the San Rafael vein and El Oro district was completed prior to the mid 1900s, well before modern understanding of epithermal vein systems was achieved, such as the development of the Buchanan model.

Candente Gold believes that El Oro is analogous to other epithermal vein systems in Mexico such as the Fresnillo, Guanajuato, Pachuca and Pinos Altos mines where gold and silver have recently been discovered occurring over 600 to 1200 metres vertically, well below the historic levels of those mines.

Candente Gold now holds a 100% interest in the El Oro Project.

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