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July 31, 2019  Candente Gold Issues Stock Options to New Director
June 13, 2019  Sun River Advances Tailings Project in El Oro Mexico
June 06, 2019  Candente Gold Appoints New Director
February 13, 2019  Candente Gold to Explore Near Surface Drill Targets
January 31, 2019  Candente Gold Ratifies Agreement with El Oro Municipality for Re-Processing Historic Tailings
November 29, 2018  Candente Gold Announces Signing of Definitive Agreement with Sun River Gold and Tailings Drill Results
October 01, 2018  Candente Gold appoints new Chief Financial Officer
July 16, 2018  Candente Gold announces approval of Warrants Extension
July 11, 2018  Candente Gold announces proposed Warrants Extension
May 07, 2018  Candente Gold Engages 3rd Eye Research to conduct Investor Relations and Issues Stock Options

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